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5 Everyday Mistakes You Make That Cause Foot Pain

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pdf podiatry patient form download5 Everyday Mistakes You Make That Cause Foot Pain

  1. Wearing the wrong shoes or no shoes.

We often wear flat shoes, sandals, flip flops, or slippers each day. These provide little to no support to our feet, causing constant strain on the joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons, leading to chronic strains, pain, and even arthritis. The damage caused can be permanent. Wearing no shoes can lead to injuries by stubbing the toes or stepping on glass or splinters, causing pain and potential infections.

  1. Wearing the wrong size shoe.

Many people wear shoes that are too big or too small for their feet. Over time, the arch can slowly collapse, causing the foot to elongate and spread, so what was once your shoe size for years, may no longer fit properly. The shoe must be the right shape and width for your foot with a toe box that is wide and deep enough to not irritate the toes. The shoe also needs the proper “break point” to bend where the ball of the foot and toes bend. Too large a shoe causes slippage and irritation of the feet and can be dangerous to wear. Shop in reputable shoe stores where the sales representatives are properly trained in shoe fitting.

  1. Poor hygiene.

We often take our feet for granted and skip good hygiene below the knees. You should clean and dry gently between the toes. Cut the toenails straight across and do not cut them too short. Do not cut into the corners of the nails as this often leads to painful ingrown nails. Use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate rough skin and apply emollient creams on the feet daily but not between the toes where moisture can build and lead to athlete’s foot.

  1. Not stretching.

The muscles of the lower leg and feet need to be stretched on a regular basis, especially before and after activity or exercise, upon arising in the morning or when standing after being sedentary for an extended period of time, such as while driving or sitting at the computer. At rest, our muscles, tendons, and joints tighten and stiffen. When we suddenly call them into action with no stretching, this strains the structures of the feet, often causing microtears that lead to scar tissue formation and a permanent tightening and stiffness of these soft tissues. Therefore, you should perform gentle range of motion exercises and light stretches before activity and be sure to wear supportive shoes when first standing.

  1. High impact activities.

Engaging in high impact activities causes repetitive ballistic forces on the entire lower extremity, leading to strains, cartilage damage in joints, inflammation of tissues and microscopic tears that can progress to large or complete tears of tendons and ligaments along with joint damage. While regular exercise is important to your overall health and wellness, high impact activities frequently lead to acute and chronic injuries that will have you sidelined from your activities temporarily or even permanently. Find low impact alternatives that still provide a rigorous workout and be sure to wear the proper, supportive, well cushioned shoes.

By avoiding these common mistakes, you can keep your feet healthy and pain free. For a foot health consultation to see how to keep your feet healthy, call our office today!

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